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PPC Campaign Overhaul Fuels Revenue Climb

Mere weeks before the start of the hugely important holiday shopping season, this well-known outdoor apparel company came to Portent with a need to overhaul their paid search and shopping ad program, and we rose to the occasion.


Paid Social Strategy


E-commerce: Outdoor Apparel

697% Growth in YoY Non-Branded Search Revenue
144% Increase in Shopping Ad Revenue
29% Increase in Branded Search Revenue

This beloved outdoor apparel company has been delighting outdoor enthusiasts—from skiers to climbers to campers—for decades. They have maintained a strong digital presence for more than two decades, but in recent years they had experienced a low ROI on their shopping and non-branded paid search campaigns. With a goal of increasing their return on ad spend by 200%, they needed to overhaul their efforts quickly and effectively, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season.


At a macro level, the brand needed to grow e-commerce revenue. The company was extremely knowledgeable about their core customers and knew that if they could generate even one initial sale with someone in their core demographic, the customer lifetime value would be enormous. Portent developed a growth-focused and highly structured paid search strategy enabling analysis, testing, and ongoing optimization.

Paid search work included:

  • PPC Campaign and Strategy Rebuild
  • Non-Branded Campaign Expansion
  • Dynamic Search Campaigns
  • Structured Snippets

By overhauling and rebuilding the brand’s PPC strategy, our team enabled full transparency of their branded search, non-branded, and shopping campaigns. Providing increased granularity and control in the account and campaign structure significantly expanded non-branded product coverage.

17 separate dynamic search campaigns were launched, which ensured search query coverage and eliminated keyword gaps on key products. Portent built and launched structured snippets to highlight specific aspects of the brand’s products.

These efforts drove a surge in PPC results, allowing this outdoor apparel company to achieve a 43% overall year-over-year revenue increase, as well as:

  • 697% increase in year-over-year non-branded search revenue
  • Increased branded search revenue by 29%
  • 144% growth in shopping ad revenue
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